A.8.41 CADI::CADIExecGetExceptions()

This method gets the list of the exception vectors for the target.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIExecGetExceptions(uint32_t startExceptionIndex,
                                      uint32_t desiredNumOfExceptions,
                                      uint32_t *actualNumOfExceptions,
                                      CADIException_t *exceptions) = 0;
is the index into the targets list of exceptions.
is the number of slots in the exception array. The target must not fill more than this number of characters in the array.
is the total number of returned exceptions.
is list of exceptions. The array is allocated, and deallocated if applicable, by the caller to be filled by the target. This buffer must be big enough to hold desiredNumOfExceptions.
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