A.9.1 CADIDisassemblerCB class definition

The disassembly front end must implement this callback class.

class CADI_WEXP CADIDisassemblerCB : public CAInterface
    // Return the CAInterface name for this interface.
    static if_name_t IFNAME() { return "eslapi.CADIDisassemblerCB2"; }
    static if_rev_t IFREVISION() { return 0; }
    virtual void ReceiveModeName(uint32_t mode, const char *modename) = 0;
    virtual void ReceiveSourceReference(const CADIAddr_t &addr, const char
            *sourceFile, uint32_t sourceLine) = 0;
    virtual void ReceiveDisassembly(const CADIAddr_t &addr, 
            const char *opcodes, const char *disassembly) = 0;
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