B.2.3 CADIRegDisplay_t

This section describes the register display values.

This enum defines the best way for a debugger to display a register value by default. A debugger can display the value in any format on user request. Only CADI_REGTYPE_STRING is special because in this case the bitsWide field in CADIRegInfo_t is ignored and the debugger retrieves as many ASCII chars until it receives a NUL char.

enum CADIRegDisplay_t
    CADI_REGTYPE_HEX,       // Hex display (for addresses, etc) - default.
    CADI_REGTYPE_UINT,      // Unsigned integer.
    CADI_REGTYPE_INT,       // Signed integer.
    CADI_REGTYPE_BOOL,      // Boolean (must be one bit).
    CADI_REGTYPE_FLOAT,     // Floating point display (see details).
    CADI_REGTYPE_SYMBOL,    // Symbolic values only.
    CADI_REGTYPE_STRING,    // Strings.
    CADI_REGTYPE_PC,        // You can use the program counter => for disassembly display.
    CADI_REGTYPE_BIN,       // Binary format.
    CADI_REGTYPE_OCT        // Octal format.
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