B.4.1 CADIPipeStage_t

An object of type CADIPipeStage_t describes a single pipe stage.

struct CADIPipeStage_t
public: // methods
    CADIPipeStage_t(uint32_t id_par = 0, const char *name_par = "",
                    uint32_t pc_par = CADI_INVALID_REGISTER_ID,
                    uint32_t contentInfoRegisterId_par = CADI_INVALID_REGISTER_ID) :
            id(id_par), pc(pc_par),
            AssignString(name, name_par, sizeof(name));
public: // data
    uint32_t   id;  
    char  name[CADI_NAME_SIZE];
    uint32_t   pc;        
    uint32_t contentInfoRegisterId; 
is the ID.
is the stage name.
is the register ID that holds the address of the instruction.
is the register id that holds the current content info for this pipe stage. The values of this register correspond to the CADIPipeStageContentInfo_t enum.
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