5.7 GDBRemoteConnection

The GDBRemoteConnection plug-in allows the model to be debugged using GDB. It is installed as part of the Third-Party IP add-on package.

Load the plug-in into a model using the following command-line options:

  • --allow-debug-plugin, or the short version, -D.
  • --plugin.

For example:

FVP_VE_Cortex-A15x1 --allow-debug-plugin --plugin GDBRemoteConnection.so

Then, a suitable GDB can be connected to the model using the GDB target command.

It supports the following operations:

  • Connection to models that contain a single core cluster.
  • Read and write of core registers.
  • Read and write of memory.
  • Run, stop, single step.
  • Breakpoints.
  • Connection to AArch32 and AArch64 models.
This section contains the following subsections:
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