5.10 ListTraceSources

ListTraceSources is an MTI plug-in that displays a complete and self-documenting list of the trace sources that a model provides, without running the model.

The source code for this plug-in is provided as a programming example in %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\MTI\ListTraceSources\source\.

The plug-in prints output for each component in the model, either to stdout or to a file, for example:

Component (4) providing trace: FVP_VE_Cortex_A7x1.cluster.cpu0 (ARM_Cortex-A7, 11.4.60)
Component is of type "ARM_Cortex-A7"
Version is "11.4.60"
#Sources: 195

Source ASYNC_MEMORY_FAULT (Context ID Register write.)
    Field FAULT type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:4 (Fault status in ESR format)
    Field VADDR type:MTI_SIGNED_INT size:8 (Virtual Address (or 0 if unavailable))
    Field PADDR type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:8 (Physical Address (or 0 if unavailable))
This section contains the following subsection:
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