3.9.35 MessageHandlingUnitV2

Message Handling Unit Version 2. This model is written in C++.

MessageHandlingUnitV2 contains the following CADI targets:

  • MessageHandlingUnitV2

MessageHandlingUnitV2 contains the following MTI components:

About MessageHandlingUnitV2

MessageHandlingUnitV2 is a unidirectional message channel with two APB interfaces, one for the sender and one for the receiver. There is one message handling unit for each sender and receiver pair.

The receiver can be powered off. A Q-Channel is provided for power control on the receiver side.

The message payload can be written directly to status registers. Multiple channels can be combined into a single message.

Figure 3-1 MessageHandlingUnitV2 structure
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Table 3-359 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
int_access_nr2r Signal Master -
int_access_r2nr Signal Master -
mhu_combined_irq Signal Master -
mhu_irq[124] Signal Master -
mhu_snd_irq[124] Signal Master -
pvbus_s_rec PVBus Slave -
pvbus_s_snd PVBus Slave -
qchannel_mhu_pwr PChannel Slave -
reset_rec Signal Slave -
reset_snd Signal Slave -
snd_combined_irq Signal Master -
wakerequest Signal Master -
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