5.9 GenericTrace

GenericTrace is a flexible MTI plug-in that allows you to configure which events are traced, using a comma-separated list of trace sources. Output can be printed to a text file or to the console.

Specify the trace sources of interest as a parameter to the plug-in, for example:

./FVP_Base_AEMv8A \
--plugin $PVLIB_HOME/plugins/Linux64_GCC-6.4/GenericTrace.so \

If no trace sources are specified, GenericTrace by default traces all the instructions.

To specify trace sources that match a pattern, use * or ? wildcards, for example:


To trace a specific component only, specify the path to it, for example:


To trace specific fields from a trace source, use a field mask. For example to trace only the PC field of the INST trace source, use:


The source code for this plug-in is provided as a programming example in %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\MTI\GenericTrace\source\.

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