5.11.3 Naming the plug-in instance

You can optionally assign a name to the plug-in instance. This is useful in a multiprocessor platform if you load the same plug-in multiple times. The assigned name is used to identify which plug-in instance the parameters apply to.

For example, the following commands load the PipelineModel plug-in twice and assign the names CortexA53_0 and CortexA53_1 to the first and second instances respectively:

--plugin CortexA53_0=CortexA53PipelineModel.so
--plugin CortexA53_1=CortexA53PipelineModel.so

You can then specify the plug-in instance name in the plug-in parameters. For example:

-C PipelineModel.CortexA53_0.core-type=ARM_Cortex-A53
-C PipelineModel.CortexA53_0.instance-name=Base.cluster0.cpu0

-C PipelineModel.CortexA53_1.core-type=ARM_Cortex-A53
-C PipelineModel.CortexA53_1.instance-name=Base.cluster0.cpu1
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