5.6.2 Cluster configuration file format

The Fastline cluster configuration file is a JSON file that provides the Fastline plug-in with information about the bare-metal application or Linux kernel that is running on the cluster, along with other parameters that configure the capture.

Example cluster configuration files are located in $PVLIB_HOME/plugins/config/FastlineTrace/:

  • v8a_cluster_config_sample.json is a Linux example.
  • v7m_cluster_config_sample.json is a bare-metal example.

The file can contain the following fields:

Table 5-5 Cluster configuration file fields

Name Type Applies to Description
operating-system string Both

Either "none" to configure the plug-in for bare-metal applications, or "Linux".


sampling-frequency int Both

The number of instructions to execute between samples. This value controls the rate at which backtrace messages are generated. These messages are used to construct the Call Paths and Functions views in Streamline. It is recommended to set this to a value that is greater than 50000.


callstack-depth int Linux only

The maximum depth to which the call stack will be unwound when generating the call path.

Optional. The default is 100.

linux-offsets-nn string Linux only

A list of offsets that is generated by the extract-offsets.py script, where nn is either 32 or 64. This field is mandatory in the configuration file for the cluster that Linux is running on.

pageshift int Linux only

The value of the PAGE_SHIFT macro that was used during the kernel build. The size of memory pages that is supported by the kernel is:



system-map-file string Linux only

The System.map file for the Linux kernel that is running on the model.


trace-linux-syscalls bool Linux only

Whether or not to trace Linux syscalls.

Optional. The default is true.

trace-linux-threads bool Linux only

Whether or not to trace Linux context switches and thread lifetimes. This must be true to display any process-related activity in the Streamline Timeline view.

Optional. The default is true.

app-name string Bare-metal only

The name of the bare-metal application to be analyzed.


app-proc-id int Bare-metal only

The process ID of the bare-metal application. This value must be unique across the system. Streamline cannot distinguish between a process running on Linux and a bare-metal application running on a different cluster if they have the same ID.


report-function-activity bool Bare-metal only

Whether or not Fastline should add a Function activity chart to the Timeline view in Streamline.

Optional. The default is false.

symbol-info-files string or a list of strings. Bare-metal only

Specifies the path and filename of the csv file that the process-elf.py script generates. This field is mandatory in the configuration file for the cluster that the bare-metal application is running on.

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