3.3.6 MasterClock

A source of a clock signal representing the base clock rate of the simulation (nominally 1Hz). The signal from the output port can be connected to a ClockDivider, to generate clock signals at a different clock rate. The output can also be connected to a ClockTimer in order to generate scheduled events, or to any other components that accept a ClockSignal input. See ClockSignal.lisa for more information. This model is written in C++.

About MasterClock

This component provides a single ClockSignal output that can be used to drive the ClockSignal input of ClockDividers, ClockTimers and other clocking components.

The rate of the MasterClock is not defined because all clocking is relative, but can be considered to be 1Hz.

A system might contain more than one MasterClock, all of which generate the same ClockSignal rate.

Table 3-61 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
clk_out ClockSignal Master Master clock rate.
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