3.7.14 HostBridge

Host Socket Interface Component. This model is written in C++.

HostBridge contains the following CADI targets:

  • HostBridge

About HostBridge

This component acts as a networking proxy for target NIC device models, to forward and receive ethernet packets to and from the host. Two kinds of proxy backend are integrated into this component:

  • A host TAP/TUN-like network device, which is an ordinary TAP or MacVTap. This is the default.
  • User-mode networking, which emulates a built-in IP router and DHCP server to route traffic using the host user-mode socket layer. Enable user mode by setting the userNetworking parameter to true.

HostBridge requires the following initialization sequence:


To enable tracing of user-mode networking, which can help to debug networking issues, set the FASTSIM_USERNET_DUMP environment variable to any or all of the following values:


Table 3-237 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
eth VirtualEthernet Slave -
state ValueState_64 Slave -
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