5.5 Crypto

The Crypto plug-in enables Arm®v8 processor models to support the Armv8.0 Cryptographic Extensions and Armv8.3 architected Pointer Authentication algorithms.

When the plug-in is loaded:

For AEMs, some parameters are available that allow you to restrict the Crypto plug-in features. These parameters use the same encodings as the flags within the AArch32 ID_ISAR5 and AArch64 ID_AA64ISAR0_EL1 system registers. You can set these parameters for a specific AEM core using this syntax:

-C cpu.cpu<X>.<feature_name>=<value>

Where feature_name can be one of the following:


These parameters are only available for AEMv8-A core models. For other Armv8‑A models, the behavior is fixed to the default values.

For example to disable the AES instructions on core 0:

./isim_system --plugin Crypto.so -C cpu.cpu0.crypto_aes=0
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