3.7.8 DummyAPB

DummyAPB. This model is written in LISA+.

DummyAPB contains the following CADI targets:

  • DummyAPB

DummyAPB contains the following MTI components:

About DummyAPB

Use this dummy RAZ/WI APB device component to ensure that software does not receive aborts for accesses to devices that should be part of the system, but are not modeled.

For validation purposes it is useful to have dummy devices that are mostly RAZ/WI but return the correct value when you read ID registers. You can do that with this component in the following ways:

  • Specify periphid_24 for peripherals that follow the ARM pattern of having 12 ID registers at the top of an APB frame. For example:


    You need also to set periph_framesize to 4 or 64, depending on whether the peripheral has its registers in a 4KB or 64KB frame.

  • Give a space-separated list of offset:value pairs in the periphid_generic parameter to define read-only values from particular offsets. For example:

    periphid_generic="000:02468ace 1fc:13579bdf"

    The number of hex digits used to specify the address is used to define the width of the address mask used. For example, BC:02468ace returns 02468ace at reads from any address ending BC.

  • Give a space-separated list of offset:default-value pairs in the ram_generic parameter to construct RAM. That is, the register at the relevant offset returns the default-value, but if changed, it returns the value that it is changed to.

Table 3-229 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
pvbus_s PVBus Slave Bus slave interface.

Table 3-230 Parameters for DummyAPB

Name Type Default value Description
fail bool 0x0 Abort all accesses
failmsg string "" String to print when 'fail'=true and access occured
periph_framesize int -0x1 Size of frame (4/64, indicating if ID is at xFD0 or xFFD0)
periphid_24 string "" 24 hex digits for the 12 bytes of peripheral ID
periphid_generic string "" Set of space-separated offset:value pairs for dwords of ID
ram_generic string "" Set of space-seperated offset:default pairs for writable dwords
warn_once bool 0x1 Warn once for the invalid read and write access.
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