5.16.11 Processor memory access trace

If enabled, this source traces processor data accesses.

Output syntax:

<time> <scale> {<cpu>} M<rw><sz><attrib> <addr> <data>


Timestamp (decimal value).


Unit for <time>. This element gives consistency with device-specific Tarmac Trace formats.


Processor, or other component, that gave the instruction.

Read access.
Write access.

Size of the data transfer in bytes (1, 2, 4, 8).


Optional access attribute:

Exclusive access.
Translated (unprivileged) access.
Locked access (SWP, SWPB instructions).

Virtual address that is used to access memory. Format according to the common address definition.


Hexadecimal value of data transferred. The data padding is according to the size of the transfer. Data of 64 bits or more contains an underscore (_) separator every eight characters (32 bits).

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