Chapter 6 Fast Models examples

The following top-level example directories are installed in $PVLIB_HOME/examples.

Table 6-1 Fast Models examples directories

Directory name Description

Example C++ applications that demonstrate how to use the CADI debug API.


CADI is deprecated and has been replaced by the Iris debug API.

LISA+ source code, project files, and build scripts for FVPs.


Example LISA+ components that show how to capture and generate MTI trace, remap PVBus transactions, and handle burst transactions.


MTI plug-in examples that show how to extract and use trace information from models. The following examples are also available as pre-built libraries under $PVLIB_HOME/plugins:

  • GenericCounter.
  • GenericTrace.
  • ListTraceSources.
python Python debug script examples that show how to use the fm.debug Python module for common debugging tasks.
  • Source code, makefiles, and build scripts for EVS platform examples and SVPs.
  • LISA+ source for bridges and EVS components.
  • Header files required for the export of LISA+ protocols to SystemC.


On Microsoft Windows, the Fast Models installer creates a copy of the examples in %USERPROFILE%\ARM\FastModelsPortfolio_%FM-VERSION%\examples\. This copy allows you to save configuration changes to the examples without needing Administrator permissions.
It contains the following sections:
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