2.6.4 InstructionCount protocol

This protocol has the behaviors getValue() and getRunState().

getValue() : uint64_t
Obtain the number of instructions executed by the processor.
getRunState() : uint32_t
Obtain the power/run status of the processor.

Table 2-6 Run state values

Value State label Description
0x0 UNKNOWN Run status unknown, that is, simulation has not started
0x1 RUNNING Processor running, is not idle and is executing instructions
0x2 HALTED External halt signal asserted
0x3 STANDBY_WFE Last instruction executed was WFE and standby mode has been entered
0x4 STANDBY_WFI Last instruction executed was WFI and standby mode has been entered
0x5 IN_RESET External reset signal asserted
0x6 DORMANT Partial processor power down
0x7 SHUTDOWN Complete processor power down
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