1.14 About PVBus system components

A bus system consists of a number of bus masters, some infrastructure and a number of bus slaves.

Each bus master must contain a PVBusMaster subcomponent, and each bus slave must contain a PVBusSlave subcomponent. These subcomponents provide PVBus master and slave ports. Each PVBus master port can only connect to one slave, but any number of other masters can connect to the same slave. PVBusDecoder, PVBusMaster and PVBusSlave components communicate using the PVBus protocol.

PVBusDecoder components can be added to the bus system. Each of these permits its masters to connect to multiple slaves, each associated with a different bus address range.

PVBusSlave subcomponents provide built-in support for declaring memory-like, device-like, abort or ignore address ranges. PVBus has support for dealing efficiently with memory-like devices such as RAM, ROM, and Flash.

Figure 1-3 Sample bus topology
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All communication over the PVBus is performed using transactions that are generated by PVBusMaster subcomponents and fulfilled by PVBusSlave components. Transactions have a 32-bit Master ID, which is the ID of the bus master. Transactions can be routed to the slave device through its PVBusSlave subcomponent. When configured, the PVBusSlave can handle memory-like transactions efficiently without having to route these transactions to the slave device. Transactions are atomic unless slave devices block transactions, for example an SMMU with stall mode enabled. A slave device that can block transactions and all its upstream bus components must be re-entrant safe for bus transactions.

Fast Models provides some example PVBus systems:

  • $PVLIB_HOME/examples/LISA/common/LISA/RemapDecoder.lisa. This example dynamically modifies routing of requests based on a remap signal, using the TZSwitch component.
  • The directory $PVLIB_HOME/examples/LISA/BusComponents/ contains a set of example components that show various ways of using the PVBus interface.
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