1.15.1 Class pv::TransactionGenerator

This class provides efficient mechanisms for bus masters to generate transactions that are transmitted over the pvbus_m port of the associated PVBusMaster subcomponent.

You can produce pv::TransactionGenerator objects by invoking the createTransactionGenerator() method on the control port of a PVBusMaster component.

class pv::TransactionGenerator
    // Tidy up when TransactionGenerator is deleted.

    // Control AXI-specific signal generation for future transactions.
    // Privileged processing mode.
    void setPrivileged(bool priv = true);

    // Instruction access (vs data).
    void setInstruction(bool instr = true);

    // Normal-world access (vs secure).
    void setNonSecure(bool ns = true);

    // Locked atomic access.
    void setLocked(bool locked = true);

    // Exclusive atomic access.
    void setExclusive(bool excl = true);

    // Generate transactions.
    // Generate a read transaction.
    bool read(bus_addr_t, pv::AccessWidth width, uint32_t *data);

    // Generate a write transaction.
    bool write(bus_addr_t, pv::AccessWidth width, uint32_t const *data);

    // Generate read transactions. 
    bool read8(bus_addr_t, uint8_t *data);
    bool read16(bus_addr_t, uint16_t *data); 
    bool read32(bus_addr_t, uint32_t *data);
    bool read64(bus_addr_t, uint64_t *data);

    // Generate write transactions.
    bool write8(bus_addr_t, uint8_t const *data); 
    bool write16(bus_addr_t, uint16_t const *data); 
    bool write32(bus_addr_t, uint32_t const *data); 
    bool write64(bus_addr_t, uint64_t const *data);
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