1.15.5 Class pv::ReadTransaction

This class extends the pv::Transaction class to provide methods for returning data from a bus read request.

class ReadTransaction : public Transaction 
    /*! Return a 64-bit value on the bus. */
    Tx_Result setReturnData64(uint64_t);

    /*! Return a 32-bit value on the bus. */
    Tx_Result setReturnData32(uint32_t);

    /*! Return a 16-bit value on the bus. */
    Tx_Result setReturnData16(uint16_t);

    /*! Return an 8-bit value on the bus. */
    Tx_Result setReturnData8(uint8_t);

    /*! This method provides an alternative way of returning a Tx_Result
    * success value (instead of just using the value returned from
    * setReturnData<n>()).
    * This method can only be called if one of the setReturnData<n>
    * methods has already been called for the current transaction.
    Tx_Result readComplete();
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