7.5 Base - clocks

This section describes the clock frequencies of the Base Platform peripherals.

Table 7-8 Peripheral clock frequencies in the Base Platform

Device Clock
Clusters 100MHz
REFCLK CNTControl, Generic Timer 100MHz
AP_REFCLK CNTCTL, Generic Timer 100MHz
Dual-Timer 0-1, SP804 35MHz
VE system registers 24MHz
UART 0-3, PL011 24MHz
KMI 0-1, PL050 24MHz
MCI, PL180 24MHz
AACI, PL041 24MHz
Ethernet, SMSC 91C111 24MHz
Watchdog, SP805 24MHz
Color LCD Controller, PL111 23.75MHz
HD LCD Controller, PL370 10MHz
Trusted Watchdog, SP805 32.768kHz
Real-time Clock, PL031 1Hz
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