7.9.1 Base - VE compatibility - GICv2

This system model uses GICv3 by default. You can configure it to support GICv2 or GICv2m.

To configure the model as GICv2m, set the following:

-C gicv3.gicv2-only=1                          \
-C cluster0.gic.GICD-offset=0x10000            \
-C cluster0.gic.GICC-offset=0x2F000            \
-C cluster0.gic.GICH-offset=0x4F000            \
-C cluster0.gic.GICH-other-CPU-offset=0x50000  \
-C cluster0.gic.GICV-offset=0x6F000            \
-C cluster0.gic.PERIPH-size=0x80000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICD-offset=0x10000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICC-offset=0x2F000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICH-offset=0x4F000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICH-other-CPU-offset=0x50000  \
-C cluster1.gic.GICV-offset=0x6F000            \
-C cluster1.gic.PERIPH-size=0x80000            \
-C gic_distributor.GICD-alias=0x2c010000

To configure the model as GICv2, set the following:

-C gicv3.gicv2-only=1                         \
-C cluster0.gic.GICD-offset=0x1000            \
-C cluster0.gic.GICC-offset=0x2000            \
-C cluster0.gic.GICH-offset=0x4000            \
-C cluster0.gic.GICH-other-CPU-offset=0x5000  \
-C cluster0.gic.GICV-offset=0x6000            \
-C cluster0.gic.PERIPH-size=0x8000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICD-offset=0x1000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICC-offset=0x2000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICH-offset=0x4000            \
-C cluster1.gic.GICH-other-CPU-offset=0x5000  \
-C cluster1.gic.GICV-offset=0x6000            \
-C cluster1.gic.PERIPH-size=0x8000            \
-C gic_distributor.GICD-alias=0x2c010000

To configure MSI frames for GICv2m, parameters are available to set the base address and configuration of each of 16 possible frames. Eight frames are Secure and eight frames are Non-secure:

-C gic_distributor.MSI_S-frame0-base=ADDRESS  \
-C gic_distributor.MSI_S-frame0-min-SPI=NUM   \
-C gic_distributor.MSI_S-frame0-max-SPI=NUM

In this example, you can replace MSI_S with MSI_NS, for NS frames, and you can replace frame0 with frame1 to frame7 for each of the possible 16 frames. If the base address is not specified for a given frame, or the SPI numbers are out of range, the corresponding frame is not instantiated.

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