3.7.42 v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix

v8 Embedded Cross Trigger Matrix. This model is written in C++.

About v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix

This is a model of a platform level Cross Trigger Matrix (CTM) for connection to the Cross Trigger Interface (CTI) ports provided on Arm®v8‑A processors in Fast Models. The combination of the CTI and the CTM provides an architectural model of the CoreSight™ embedded triggering system.

A single instance of the v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix component supports up to four clusters, each containing four cores. For example:

cluster0.cti[0] => v8ect.cti[0];
cluster0.cti[1] => v8ect.cti[1];
cluster0.cti[2] => v8ect.cti[2];
cluster0.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[3];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[12];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[13];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[14];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[15];

Table 3-277 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
cti[32] v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_controlprotocol Slave -
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