A NAND Flash implementation which works with PL350. This model is written in LISA+.

PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH contains the following CADI targets:


PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH contains the following MTI components:


Program the component as you would the hardware.

Table 3-390 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
irq Signal Master Interrupt signaling.
pvbus PVBus Slave Slave port for connection to PV bus master/decoder.

Table 3-391 Parameters for PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH

Name Type Default value Description
DEVICE_1 int 0xec Device manufacturer code
DEVICE_2 int 0xda Device code
DEVICE_3 int 0x80 Device 3rd cycle code
DEVICE_4 int 0x15 Device 4th cycle code
DEVICE_NAME string "Samsung K9F1G08U0M" Device Name
NAND_BLOCK_COUNT int 0x800 number of blocks in the flash device
NAND_FLASH_SIZE int 0x1080000 flash size in byte
NAND_PAGE_COUNT_PER_BLOCK int 0x40 number of pages in each block
NAND_PAGE_SIZE int 0x840 page size
NAND_SPARE_SIZE_PER_PAGE int 0x40 Spare size per page
NAND_VALID_SIZE_PER_PAGE int 0x800 valid page size
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