3.7.40 VisEventRecorder

Event recorder component for visualisation component (allows to playback and record interactive GUI sessions). This model is written in LISA+.

VisEventRecorder contains the following CADI targets:

  • ClockDivider
  • VisEventRecorder

VisEventRecorder contains the following MTI components:

Table 3-273 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
control VisEventRecorderProtocol Slave The visualisation component controls the recorder through this port.
ticks InstructionCount Slave Allow VisEventRecorder to get tick count from a core.

Table 3-274 Parameters for VisEventRecorder

Name Type Default value Description
checkInstructionCount bool 0x1 check instruction count in recording file against actual instruction count during playback
playbackFileName string "" playback filename (empty string disables playback)
recordingFileName string "" recording filename (empty string disables recording)
recordingTimeBase int 0x5f5e100 timebase in 1/s (relative to the master clock (e.g. 100000000 means 10 nanoseconds resolution simulated time for a 1Hz master clock)) to be used for recording (higher values -> higher time resolution, playback time base is always taken from the playback file)
verbose int 0x0 enable verbose messages (1=normal, 2=even more)
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