3.2.8 PVBusMaster

The PVBusMaster subcomponent allows a device to generate PVBus transactions. This model is written in C++.

PVBusMaster contains the following MTI components:

About PVBusMaster

If you want a component to act as a bus master, instantiate a PVBusMaster subcomponent and then use its control port to create one or more transaction generators to generate transactions on the bus. $PVLIB_HOME/examples/LISA/BusComponents/DmaTransfer.lisa is an example component that shows this.

Table 3-47 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
control PVTransactionMaster Slave Enables the owning component to instantiate pv::TransactionGenerator objects.
pvbus_m PVBus Master Sends out generated transactions to the bus.
reset Signal Slave On the de-assert of this signal, a reset of the bus master will be latched this is used by the bus deadlock detection logic.
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