5.9 ListTraceSources

ListTraceSources is an MTI plug-in that displays a complete and self-documenting list of trace sources of a model.

The source code for this plug-in is provided in %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\MTI\ListTraceSources\.

The plug-in generates text output similar to the following, and terminates the model.

Component (0) providing trace: FVP_VE_Cortex_A15x2 (FVP_VE_Cortex_A15x2, )
Component is of type "FVP_VE_Cortex_A15x2"
Version is ""
#Sources: 0

Component (1) providing trace: FVP_VE_Cortex_A15x2.cluster.cpu0 (ARM_Cortex-A15, 8.2.72)
Component is of type "ARM_Cortex-A15"
Version is "8.2.72"
#Sources: 60
Source INST (Every instruction executed.)
	Field PC type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:4 (The address of the instruction.)
	Field OPCODE type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:4 (The opcode of the instruction.)
	Field SIZE type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:1 (The size of the instruction in bytes.)
	Field MODE type:MTI_ENUM size:1 (The mode the core is in.)
		0x10 = usr
		0x11 = fiq
		0x12 = irq
		0x13 = svc
		0x16 = mon
		0x17 = abt
		0x1a = hyp
		0x1b = und
		0x1f = sys
	Field ISET type:MTI_ENUM size:1 (The current instruction set.)
		0x0 = ARM
		0x1 = Thumb
		0x2 = Jazelle
		0x3 = Thumb2EE
	Field PADDR type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:8 (The physical address of the instruction.)
	Field NSDESC type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:1 (The physical address non-secure bit.)
	Field PADDR2 type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:8 (If different from PADDR, the physical address of the second page of the instruction.)
	Field NSDESC2 type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:1 (The second page physical address non-secure bit.)
	Field NS type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:1 (The core's non-secure bit.)
	Field ITSTATE type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:1 (The current ITSTATE.)
	Field INST_COUNT type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:8 (The core's instruction counter.)
	Field CORE_NUM type:MTI_UNSIGNED_INT size:1 (Core number in a multi processor.)
	Field DISASS type:MTI_STRING size:0 max_size:128 (Disassembly of instruction)
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