3.1.16 PVBus2AMBAPV

PVBus to AMBA-PV protocol converter. This model is written in LISA+.

PVBus2AMBAPV contains the following CADI targets:


PVBus2AMBAPV contains the following MTI components:

Variants of this component also exist with multiple input and output ports.

Debug features

DMI viewer provides the debugging functionality of the PVBus2AMBAPV bridge. When activated, it dumps the content of the DMI cache in the bridge in the following CSV format:

Range start, Range end incl, Pointer, Latency, R/W, Attributes

To be able to activate this functionality, a name for the counters output file must be set, using the counters-file-name parameter. If the counters file name is set, when dump-dmi-cache is set to 1 at runtime, the DMI cache of the bridge is dumped. The runtime parameter is always reset to 0 when the dump has completed.

Table 3-17 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
amba_pv_m 2.1.2 AMBAPV protocol Master -
pvbus_s PVBus Slave -

Table 3-18 Parameters for PVBus2AMBAPV

Name Type Default value Description
counters-file-name string "" Prefix of the file name to store counters at the end of simulation
dmi-container-type string "TZAttr" Type of the DMI cache. Allowed values: TZAttr and FullAttr
dump-dmi-cache bool 0x0 Dumps the content of the DMI cache into a file
dump-dmi-file-name string "" Prefix of the file name to dump the content of the DMI when requested
force-dmi-size bool 0x1 Force DMI start and end address to be 4kB-aligned
min-range-to-cache int 0x10000 Min DMI range size to cache in the bridge
size int 0x1000000000000 Maximum size of memory region
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