3.4.40 ARMSC000CT

ARMSC000CT CPU component. This model is written in C++ and models version r0p1 of the RTL.

ARMSC000CT contains the following CADI targets:

  • ARM_SC000

ARMSC000CT contains the following MTI components:


The model has the following limitations:

  • It does not implement any security features.
  • Only bit[0] of the Auxiliary Control Register is supported for read/write. No functionality is implemented.
  • The Security Features Control Register read/write access is supported using SECKEY. No functionality is implemented.

Table 3-185 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
ahbd PVBus Slave Debug AHB - core bus slave driven by the DAP.
bigend 2.7.2 Signal protocol Slave Configure big endian data format.
clk_in ClockSignal Slave The clock signal connected to the clk_in port is used to determine the rate at which the core executes instructions.
currpri 2.7.4 Value protocol Master Current execution priority.
edbgrq 2.7.2 Signal protocol Slave External debug request.
event 2.7.2 Signal protocol Peer This peer port of event input (and output) is for wakeup from WFE and corresponds to the RTL TXEV and RXEV signals.
intisr[32] 2.7.2 Signal protocol Slave This signal array delivers signals to the NVIC.
intnmi 2.7.2 Signal protocol Slave Configure non maskable interrupt.
io_port_in PVBus Slave I/O port pair. See the documentation for the io_port_out port.
io_port_out PVBus Master I/O port pair. Used if IOP is true. Transactions from io_port_out which do not "match" should be returned via io_port_in. For performance reasons, the I/O port interface is not modelled directly. Instead, a simple PVBus gasket is inserted at the point in the memory system where the I/O port would be. In hardware, a device would be attached to the port which would tell the CPU whether it would like to intercept each transaction, given its address. This can be modelled in a performant manner by connecting a PVBusMapper-based device to io_port_out which intercepts transactions of interest and passes other transactions back to the CPU via io_port_in. Your I/O port device model is also responsible for aborting transactions which would be aborted on hardware (e.g. exclusives) if necessary.
lockup 2.7.2 Signal protocol Master Asserted when the processor is in lockup state.
poreset 2.7.2 Signal protocol Slave Raising this signal will do a power-on reset of the core.
pv_ppbus_m PVBus Master The core will generate External Private Peripheral Bus requests on this port.
pvbus_m PVBus Master The core will generate bus requests on this port.
sleepdeep 2.7.2 Signal protocol Master Asserted when the processor is in deep sleep.
sleeping 2.7.2 Signal protocol Master Asserted when the processor is in sleep.
stcalib 2.7.4 Value protocol Slave This is the calibration value for the SysTick timer.
stclk ClockSignal Slave This is the reference clock for the SysTick timer.
sysreset 2.7.2 Signal protocol Slave Raising this signal will put the core into reset mode (but does not reset the debug logic).
sysresetreq 2.7.2 Signal protocol Master Asserted to indicate that a reset is required.
ticks 2.6.3 InstructionCount protocol Master Port allowing the number of instructions since startup to be read from the CPU.

Table 3-186 Parameters for ARM_SC000

Name Type Default value Description
BIGENDINIT bool 0x0 Initialize processor to big endian mode
BKPT int 0x4 Number of breakpoint unit comparators implemented
DBG bool 0x1 Set whether debug extensions are implemented
IOP bool 0x0 Send all d-side transactions to the port, io_port_out. Transactions which do not match should be returned to the port, io_port_in
IRQDIS int 0x0 IRQ line disable mask. Bit n of this 32-bit parameter disables IRQ[n]
NUM_IRQ int 0x20 Number of user interrupts
NUM_MPU_REGION int 0x0 Number of MPU regions
SYST bool 0x1 Enable support for SysTick timer functionality
USER bool 0x1 Enable support for Unprivileged/Privileged Extension
VTOR bool 0x1 Include Vector Table Offset Register
WIC bool 0x1 Include support for WIC-mode deep sleep
WPT int 0x2 Number of watchpoint unit comparators implemented
cpi_div int 0x1 divider for calculating CPI (Cycles Per Instruction)
cpi_mul int 0x1 multiplier for calculating CPI (Cycles Per Instruction)
master_id int 0x0 Master ID presented in bus transactions
min_sync_level int 0x0 force minimum syncLevel (0=off=default,1=syncState,2=postInsnIO,3=postInsnAll)
semihosting-Thumb_SVC int 0xab T32 SVC number for semihosting
semihosting-cmd_line string "" Command line available to semihosting SVC calls
semihosting-cwd string "" Base directory for semihosting file access.
semihosting-enable bool 0x1 Enable semihosting SVC traps. Applications that do not use semihosting must set this parameter to false.
semihosting-heap_base int 0x0 Virtual address of heap base
semihosting-heap_limit int 0x10700000 Virtual address of top of heap
semihosting-prefix bool 0x0 Prefix semihosting output with target instance name
semihosting-stack_base int 0x10700000 Virtual address of base of descending stack
semihosting-stack_limit int 0x10800000 Virtual address of stack limit
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