6.6 Instantiating a Dhrystone example

This section describes how to run the Dhrystone benchmark application on an EVS processor component. The memory is accessed by the application on the SystemC side.


  1. Build the EVS_Dhrystone example system.
    Option Description
    > cd $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport/EVS_Platforms/EVS_Dhrystone/Build_Cortex-A15x1
    > ./build.sh
    Microsoft Windows
    > cd %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\SystemCExport\EVS_Platforms\EVS_Dhrystone\Build_Cortex-A15x1
    > build.bat
  2. Run the example.
    Option Description
    > ./run.sh
    Microsoft Windows
    > run.bat
    The Dhrystone .axf images to load onto the simulation executable are part of the TPIP package. The location is $PVLIB_HOME/images/dhrystone/. The provided run script uses the location automatically.
The Dhrystone output appears for 1000000 iterations.
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