6.7 Instantiating a DMA example

This section describes how to run a Direct Memory Access (DMA) Exported Virtual Subsystem (EVS).

The DMA example EVS comprises the processor, the application memory, and the DMA transfer source memory, while the SystemC side includes a simple PV DMA model, associated destination memory and a pseudomaster to receive end-of-transfer interrupts from the EVS. The processor is used to program a transfer, and wait for it to complete, using an interrupt signaled by the PV DMA model from the SystemC side.


  1. Build the EVS_DMA example system.
    Option Description
    > cd $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport/EVS_Platforms/EVS_DMA/Build_Cortex-M4
    > ./build.sh
    Microsoft Windows
    > cd %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\SystemCExport\EVS_Platforms\EVS_DMA\Build_Cortex-M4
    > build.bat
  2. Run the example.
    Option Description
    > ./run.sh
    Microsoft Windows
    > run.bat
The DMA output appears.
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