5.6.2 GDBRemoteConnection limitations

This section describes the limitations of the GDBRemoteConnection plug-in.

  • Connections are only allowed to single-core simulations, not to multiprocessor or multicluster simulations.
  • No tracepoint support.
  • No parameter support.
  • Memory view only shows the current memory space.
  • Disassembly only uses the current instruction set.
  • Breakpoints can only be set on the current memory space.


You cannot use GDB when debugging software that uses semihosting. When a program tries to use semihosting with the GDB plug-in, the GDB debugger wrongly reports having hit a breakpoint:

Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.

When using the GDBRemoteConnection plug-in, start the simulation with the -D (or -S) flag. You cannot attach the GDBRemoteConnection plug-in to running simulations. It can cause segmentation faults on the simulation and the GDB client.

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