3.7.43 v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix

v8 Embedded Cross Trigger Matrix. This model is written in C++.

v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix - about

This is a model of a platform level Cross Trigger Matrix (CTM) for connection to the Cross Trigger Interface (CTI) ports provided on ARMv8 processors in Fast Models. The combination of the CTI and the CTM provides an architectural model of the CoreSight™ embedded triggering system.

A single instance of the v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix component supports up to four clusters, each containing four cores. For example:

cluster0.cti[0] => v8ect.cti[0];
cluster0.cti[1] => v8ect.cti[1];
cluster0.cti[2] => v8ect.cti[2];
cluster0.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[3];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[12];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[13];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[14];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[15];

Table 3-274 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
cti[32] 2.6.4 v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_controlprotocol protocol Slave -
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