3.10.38 PL041_AACI

ARM PrimeCell Advanced Audio CODEC Interface(PL041). This model is written in LISA+.

PL041_AACI contains the following CADI targets:

  • PL041_AACI

PL041_AACI contains the following MTI components:

PL041_AACI - about

This component also contains a minimal register model of the LM4529 secondary codec as implemented on development boards supplied by ARM.

This component is not a complete implementation of the AACI because the following functionality is not implemented:

  • Audio input.
  • DMA access to FIFOs, rather than Programmed I/O.
  • Programming of the secondary codec through FIFOs rather than slot registers.

The PL041_AACI component is designed to connect to an audio output component such as AudioOutFile or AudioOut_SDL.


This component relies on a timed callback from the simulation so might have a small impact on simulation performance.

The ability to play audio through this component depends on the AudioOut component in use and on the performance requirements of the software running on the simulated system. The rate of FIFO draining is controlled by the audio output to which the component is connected. This might not correspond to the rate that would be expected from the reference clock.

Table 3-366 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
audio 2.4.1 AudioControl protocol Master Used to communicate with an audio out device.
clk_in_ref ClockSignal Slave Reference clock input, typically 25MH.
dma_rx 2.4.11 PL080_DMAC_DmaPortProtocol protocol Master DMA receive port.
dma_tx 2.4.11 PL080_DMAC_DmaPortProtocol protocol Master DMA transmit port.
irq 2.7.2 Signal protocol Master Single IRQ output port.
pvbus PVBus Slave Slave port for connection to PV bus master/decoder.

Table 3-367 Parameters for PL041_AACI

Name Type Default value Description
enabled bool 0x1 Host interface connection enabled
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