5.15.7 Cache content trace

Traces the movement of data into and out of the cache.

Output syntax:

<time> <scale> <cpu> CACHE <id> LINE <line> <operation> 0x<paddr><ns>

Timestamp (decimal value).


Unit for <time>. clk indicates that the timestamp is not related to real time, but an increasing count.


Processor, or other component, that gave the instruction.

Level and side, or system identifier, of the cache.
Identifier of this line uniquely within this cache, expressed in hexadecimal.
Notification for this cache line. One of the following options:
(Processor caches) Line contains new read data.
(Processor caches) Line contains no data.
(Processor caches) Line contains new write data.
(Processor caches) Write data is written back, still valid for reads.
(System caches) Line is filled.
(System caches) Line is evicted due to space pressure.
(System caches) Line is cleaned due to maintenance operation.
(System caches) Line is invalidated due to maintenance operation.
Cache line physical address in hexadecimal.
Cacheline security. Blank for Secure regime, or _NS for Non-secure regime.
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