3.7.14 HostBridge

Host Socket Interface Component. This model is written in C++.

HostBridge contains the following CADI targets:

  • HostBridge

HostBridge - about

This component is a model that acts as a networking proxy for target NIC device models, to forward and receive ethernet packets to and from the host. Two kinds of proxy backend are integrated into this component. The default is to use a host TAP/TUN-like network device, which is an ordinary TAP or MacVTap. The alternative to this TAP/TUN method is user-mode networking, which emulates a built-in IP router and DHCP server to route traffic using the host user-mode socket layer.

Arm expects this component to have little effect on the performance of PV systems. However, heavy usage on the networking of the model, for example to run networking performance tests, might slow down the simulation.

HostBridge requires the following initialization sequence:


Additional parameter information

TAP/TUN mode is enabled by default, and is disabled when user mode is in use.

Table 3-229 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
eth VirtualEthernet Slave -
state ValueState_64 Slave -
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