Chapter 6 Fast Models examples

The following top-level example directories are installed in $PVLIB_HOME/examples.

Table 6-1 Fast Models examples directories

Directory name Description

Example C++ applications that demonstrate how to use the CADI debug API.


CADI is deprecated and has been replaced by the Iris debug API.

LISA+ source code, project files, and build scripts for FVPs.


Example LISA+ components that show how to capture and generate MTI trace, remap PVBus transactions, and handle burst transactions.


MTI plug-in examples that show how to extract and use trace information from models. The following examples are also available as pre-built libraries under $PVLIB_HOME/plugins:

  • GenericCounter.
  • GenericTrace.
  • ListTraceSources.
python Python debug script examples that show how to use the fm.debug Python module for common debugging tasks.
SystemCExport Source code, makefiles, and build scripts for EVS and SVP platform examples. Also, LISA+ source for bridges and EVS components.


On Microsoft Windows, the Fast Models installer creates a copy of the examples in %USERPROFILE%\ARM\FastModelsPortfolio_%FM-VERSION%\examples\. This copy allows you to save configuration changes to the examples without needing Administrator permissions.
It contains the following sections:
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