8.2 MPS2 platform types

Configure the MPS2 FVP platform type using the fvp_mps2.platform_type parameter.

It has the following possible values:

0The FVP acts as a V2M-MPS2 system, with the additions for v8-M, as specified in the Armv8‑M MPS2 System Specification (ECM 0468897), v0.8. This specification is confidential and is available only to licensed Arm customers. For details, contact your Arm support representative. This value is the default.

The FVP acts as an IoT Kit on an MPS2+ board. For details, see the following documents:


The FVP acts as an Arm® CoreLink™ SSE-200 Subsystem on an MPS2+ board. For details, see AN521 - SMM Cortex-M33 SSE-200 for MPS2+ Application Note, http://infocenter.arm.com/help/topic/com.arm.doc.dai0521a/index.html.

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