9.2.4 Migrating graphics software stack from GRM to real hardware

Before migration, disable GGA, and then use the GRM solo mode to boot the software stack. When no more issues occur, you can integrate the graphics software stack with the real hardware.

About this task

The GRM solo mode performs the final verification of the driver integrations with the GPU registers. The integration is fast since the rendering with the host GPU and GGA is disabled.

For more details about the GRM integration and the GGA function in the integration, see Data flow of the integration.

Before you begin

Make sure:


  1. Use the kill command to quit the current process.
  2. Boot the software stack as described in Booting Android graphics software stacks on virtual GPU but remove --plugin <filepath>/Sidechannel.so from the boot command.

    For the command details, see Boot commands.

  3. Resolve all issues generated with the boot up.
    To trace the GPU register accesses by the driver, you can use the Trace and Dump function. For details, see Tracing accesses to the GPU registers.
  4. Repeat the above steps until no issue is found.
  5. Apply the software stack directly onto the real hardware without changes.
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