8.3.2 Configuration

The configuration file settings.ini configures the log information and the work mode for both GGA and Graphics Register Model (GRM).


For details about Graphics Register Model, see Graphics Register Model.

Location of the configuration file

settings.ini is located in:

  • On Linux: <installation_directory>/GGA/reconciler/linux-x86_64/gcc-x.x.x/rel/

    Here, x.x.x is the GCC version number.

  • On Windows: <installation_directory>\GGA\reconciler\win_32-x86_64\cl-18.00.31101\rel\

Before you use GGA, copy settings.ini to the directory in which you boot Android with GGA. For more details, see Booting Android.

Configuration options

settings.ini provides the following configuration options:

  • LogLevel: Specifies the information to be logged. It uses numbers to specify the log information. The default setting is LogLevel 1.

    The supported numbers are:

    • 0: Represents LOG_LEVEL_OFF, which disables the log for GGA.
    • 1: Represents LOG_LEVEL_FATA, which logs fatal issues from GGA.
    • 2: Represents LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, which logs only errors from GGA.
    • 3: Represents LOG_LEVEL_WARN, which logs only warnings from GGA.
    • 6565: Represents LOG_LEVEL_INFO, which logs the OpenGL ES API execution sequences.
    • 6566: Represents LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG, which logs the executed API names and parameters.
    • 6567: Represents LOG_LEVEL_TRACE, which logs problems from GGA in details.
  • callOnTargetAPI: Specifies whether OpenGL ES APIs are interacted with GGA or GRM.

    Values for this option are:

    • 0: Enables GGA to interact with APIs and disables GRM.
    • 1: Enables both GGA and GRM to interact with APIs.
  • checkErrorCode: Enables or disables the Error Code Check function from GRM. This option is valid only if callOnTargetAPI is set to 1.

    Values for this option are:

    • 0: Disables Error Code Check.
    • 1: Enables Error Code Check.
  • enableErrorCheckWhiteList: Enables the Error Code Check function in GRM to find errors either for all OpenGL ES APIs or for particular OpenGL ES APIs. This option is valid only if both callOnTragetAPI and checkErrorCode are set to 1.

    Values for this option are:

    • 0: Allows Error Code Check to examine all APIs.
    • 1: Allows Error Code Check to examine specific APIs.

    For more details about the Error Code Check function, see Examining OpenGL ES executions in driver with Error Code Check.

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