8.2 Customizing the target and host to support the Generic Graphics Accelerator

You must take some steps to customize the target and host before you can use the Generic Graphics Accelerator.


The following figure shows which components each step affects. Only steps 4-7 are specific to the Generic Graphics Accelerator.

Figure 8-2 Task steps and components
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  1. Either build Android from source, or download a pre-built binary image from Linaro.
  2. Install the ARM® Mali™ OpenGL ES Emulator onto the host.
  3. Create or select your target model.
  4. Boot Android on the target to use the Generic Graphics Accelerator.
  5. Push the Shim libraries to the target.
  6. Modify the Android properties and reboot Android.
  7. Test whether the target is set up correctly by installing and running an example application on it.
This section contains the following subsections:
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