9.2 Using Graphics Register Model

You can use GRM to diagnose system integration issues in Android graphics software stacks virtually with the Mali GPU models involvement.

The workflow to perform the virtual integration is:

  1. Build a virtual platform that has Mali GPU models.

    For details, see Modeling a GPU system with GRM.

  2. On the platform, boot your Android graphics software stack.

    For details, see Booting Android graphics software stack on virtual GPU.

  3. After successful boot up, carefully examine the driver interactions with both applications and the virtual GPU.

    For the methods, see Diagnosing graphics software stack problems with GRM.

  4. When the examination shows the driver working correctly, perform a final verification about the integration between the driver and the registers in the virtual GPU. At this stage, the rendering with the host GPU is disabled.

    After that, you can migrate to real hardware.

    For those details, see Migrating graphics software stack from GRM to real hardware.

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