9.2.1 Modeling a GPU system with GRM

You can use Fast Models to model a complete ARM system that contains Mali GPU.


Make sure that you use Fast Models 10.3.016 or later.


  1. Open System Canvas.
  2. Create a model with subsystem models and the components listed on the Components tab.

    To use a developed subsystem model, import it to System Canvas first.


    The available GPU component is Mali_G71. For the Mali_G71 component, see the section Mali_G71 component, in Fast Models Reference Manual.
  3. Build the model.

    Make sure that the model functions correctly.

    For more details, see System Canvas Tutorial.


The model file is generated in the directory that you set in the Build directory field in the Project Settings dialog.

  • To open the dialog, from the menu bar, click Project > Project Settings.

What to do next

You can boot your Android graphics software stack on this platform to examine the integrations. For more details, see Booting Android graphics software stack on virtual GPU.

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