1.4.2 Project files

System Canvas uses one project file (.sgproj) to describe the build options used for each host platform and the files that are required to build the model.

  • There is no requirement to provide a makefile and a set of configuration files for each new project.
  • Each project file references all files that System Canvas needs to build and run a simulation, including LISA, C, and C++ sources, libraries, files to deploy to the simulation directory, and nested repository files.

Repository files have the same format as project files.

You can add single files or a complete repository, such as the Fast Models Portfolio, to the project file.

Figure 1-4 Example organization of project directories and files on Microsoft Windows
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The My_Projects directory contains the My_System.sgproj project file:

  1. My_System.sgproj points to the standard Fast Models Portfolio repository file sglib.sgrepo.
  2. The sglib.sgrepo repository file contains a list of repository locations such as components.sgrepo.
  3. components.sgrepo lists the locations of the LISA files for the components and the location and type of libraries that are available for the components.
  4. The project file lists My_System.lisa as the top-level LISA file for the system. The top-level LISA file lists the components in the system and shows how they interconnect.
  5. This project uses a custom component in addition to the standard Fast Models Portfolio components. Custom components can exist anywhere in the directory structure. In this case, only the My_System component uses the custom component, so the My_custom_component.lisa file is in the same directory.
  6. System Canvas generates the My_System.sgcanvas and My_custom_component.sgcanvas files to save display changes in the Workspace window. These files describe the display settings for a component such as:
    • Component location and size.
    • Label text, position and formatting.
    • Text font and size.
    • The moving of or hiding of ports.
    • Grid spacing.

    The build process does not use .sgcanvas files. System Canvas uses them for its Block Diagram view.

  7. My_System.sgproj defines Win64-Debug-VC2015 as the build directory for the selected platform. Other build options in the project file include:
    • The host platform, for instance "Win64".
    • The compiler, for example "VC2015" and compiler options.
    • Additional linker options.
    • Additional options to be passed to SimGen.
    • The type of target to build, for example an ISIM executable, a CADI library, or a SystemC component.
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