1.4.4 File processing order

The processing order enables a custom implementation of a Fast Models component.

An example of a project file
/// project file
sgproject "MyProject.sgproj"
    path = "./MyTopComponent.lisa";
    path = "./MySubComponent1.lisa";
    path = "./repository.sgrepo";
    path = "./MySubComponent2.lisa";
An example of a repository file
/// subrepository file
sgproject "repository.sgrepo"
    path = "../LISA/ASubComponent1.lisa";
    path = "../LISA/ASubComponent2.lisa";

System Canvas processes the files in sequence, expanding sub-repositories as it encounters them:

  1. ./MyTopComponent.lisa

  2. ./MySubComponent1.lisa

  3. ./repository.sgrepo

    1. ../LISA/ASubComponent1.lisa

    2. ../LISA/ASubComponent2.lisa

  4. ./MySubComponent2.lisa

Changing the processing order allows customization. If MySubComponent1.lisa and ../LISA/ASubComponent1.lisa both list a component with the same name, the application uses only the first definition.

The File List view of System Canvas shows the order of components in the project file. Use the application controls to re-order the files and repositories:

  • The Up and Down context menu entries in the File List view of the Component window. The commands have keyboard shortcuts of Alt+Arrow Up and Alt+Arrow Down.

    You can also drag-and-drop files inside a repository or between repositories.

  • The Up and Down buttons on the Default Model Repository tab in the Properties dialog, for repositories in new projects.

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