3.4.1 Adding the Arm® processor

This section describes how to add an Arm® processor component to the system model.


  1. Click the Block Diagram tab in the Workspace window, unless the block diagram window is already visible.
    Results: A blank window with grid points appears.
  2. Select the Components tab in the Components window to display the Fast Models Repository components.
  3. Move the mouse pointer over the ARMCortexA8CT processor component in the Component window and press and hold the left mouse button.
  4. Drag the component to the middle of the Workspace window.


    If you move the component within the Workspace window, the component automatically snaps to the grid points.
  5. Release the left mouse button when the component is in the required location.

    The system receives the component.

    Figure 3-4 ARMCortexA8CT processor component in the Block Diagram window
    ARMCortexA8CT processor component in the Block Diagram window

  6. Save the file by selecting File > Save File or using Ctrl+S.
    The asterisk (*) at the end of the system name, in the title bar, shows unsaved changes.

These steps create a System Canvas file, My_Top_Component.sgcanvas, in the same location as the project and LISA+ files. It contains the block diagram layout information for your system. Do not edit this file.

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