3.10 Debugging with Model Debugger

This section describes how to use Model Debugger to debug an application that is running on the model.


  1. Click the Debug button on the System Canvas toolbar to open the Debug Simulation dialog:
    Figure 3-15 Debug Simulation dialog
    Debug Simulation dialog

  2. Select the CADI library radio button to attach Model Debugger to your CADI target.

    The radio buttons that are available depend on the target settings.

  3. Specify the location of the application that you want to run, for example dhrystone.axf, in the Application field.
    dhrystone.axf is part of the Third-Party IP add-on package for the Fast Models Portfolio.
  4. Click OK to start Model Debugger.

    An instance of Model Debugger starts. The debugger loads the model library from the build directory of the active configuration. Model Debugger displays the Configure Model Parameters dialog containing the instantiation parameters for the top-level components in the model:

    Figure 3-16 Configure Model Parameters dialog
    Configure Model Parameters dialog

    To display parameter sets:

    • Select a Parameter category in the left-hand side of the dialog.

    • Click a + next to a component name in the right-hand side.

    For different views of the system parameters, select the List View or Tree View tabs.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog.
    Figure 3-17 Select Targets dialog
    Select Targets dialog

    The Select Targets dialog displays the components to use in Model Debugger. The Arm® processor component is the default.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog.
  7. Click Run to start the simulation.

    The Application Input window appears:

    Figure 3-18 Model Debugger Application Input window
    Model Debugger Application Input window

  8. Enter the required number of runs through the benchmark in the Application input field, for instance 1000000, and click OK.

    After a short pause, the benchmark results are shown in the StdIO tab of Model Debugger.

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