5.2.5 Component window

This section describes the Component window, which lists the available components and their protocols and libraries.

Component window views

The Component window has view tabs.


The components, and their version numbers, types, and file locations. Drag and drop to place in the block diagram. Double click to open in the workspace.


The protocols of these components, and their file locations. Double click to open in the workspace.


The project files, in a fully expanded file tree with the project file as the root. Double click to open in the workspace. The project file can contain LISA files and component repositories. A repository can itself contain a repository.


The order of file processing is from the top to the bottom. To move objects:

  • Select and use Up and Down in the context menu, or use Alt + Arrow Up or Alt + Arrow Down.

  • Drag and drop.

Component window context menu

The Component window context menu lists file operations and a documentation link.


Open the associated file.


Add a repository, component or protocol file, or a library.

Add New...

Add a new file.

Add Directory...

Add an include path to be used by the compiler (Files tab only). To simplify navigation, the add dialog also shows the filename.


Remove an item.


Move a file up the file list (Files tab only).


Move a file down the file list (Files tab only).


Reload a component or protocol.

Refresh Component List

Refresh the entire component list.


Open the documentation for the component.


Show the properties of the item.

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