1.4.3 Repository files

Repository files group together references to commonly used files, eliminating the need to specify the path and library for each component in a project.

Repository files contain:

  • A list of components.

  • The paths to the LISA sources for the components.

  • A list of library objects for the components.

  • Optionally, lists of paths to other repository files. This enables a hierarchical structure.

System Canvas adds the default model repositories to a project when creating it. Changing these repository settings does not affect existing projects. The project_name.sgproj files contain the paths to the repositories as hard code. To change the repositories for an existing project, open the file and edit the paths.

Default repositories can also preset required configuration parameters for projects that rely on the default model library. These parameters are:

  • Additional Include Directories.
  • Additional Compiler Settings.
  • Additional Linker Settings.
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