5.3.4 Component Instance Properties dialog

This dialog displays the properties of a component.

To open the dialog, select a component in the block diagram, and click on the Properties button in the toolbar or select Object Properties from the Object menu.


The component name, instance name, filename and path, and repository.

The Instance name field is editable.


To view the properties of the top-level component, double-click in an area of the workspace that does not contain a component.

All properties for the component. If the properties are not editable, the tab says Properties (read only).

If the property is a Boolean variable, a checkbox appears next to it.


All editable parameters for this component. Enter a new value in the Value edit box.

The following controls are present:

Parameter name

The parameters for this component.


Select a parameter and then click the text box in the Value column to set the default value for the parameter.

Integer parameters in decimal format can contain binary multiplication suffixes. These left-shift the bits in parameter value by the corresponding power of two.

Table 5-2 Suffixes for parameter values

Suffix Name Multiplier
K Kilo 210
M Mega 220
G Giga 230
T Tera 240
P Peta 250

All the ports in the component.

For port arrays, display all of the individual ports or only the port array name by selecting Show as Expanded or Collapsed.

The properties of individual ports are editable:

  1. Select a port from the list.

  2. Click Edit and change the properties of the port.

  3. Click OK to save the changes.


    If you click OK, the changes apply immediately.

Enable/disable individual ports with the checkboxes:

  • Click Show selected ports to display the checked ports.

  • Click Hide selected ports to hide the checked ports.


    Hiding the top level of a port array hides all of the individual ports but they retain their check mark setting.

All the behaviors (component functions) that the component implements.

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